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March 09 2017


Backup and Save All Your Data With iDrive

An online backup service is a process of offsite data storage in which your data, folders, or even your entire computer's contents are backed up on a computer with a network connection or a remote server.

You cannot deny that having a backup is very convenient especially if you have important files in your computer. The files can be stored in flash drives or external hard drives that can be brought anywhere you go.

There are a lot of backup systems you can use to keep all your files, but merely one stands out among others.

Some idrive reviews say it is the most fantastic backup software for the past few years. It also has a cloud-based syncing service that you can use to back up your files not only from your computer, but also your smartphones and social media accounts.

You can use iDrive by availing their appealing pricing plans. They offer their services at the best rates compared to other backup providers. You can use their tool to back up all your devices, unlike others that only allow you to backup one or two devices. There are also no restrictions when it comes to using either a network or external drive.

Backups are commonly used on files located in your computer. Most common systems only support iOS and Android. iDrive's mobile backup system is so powerful that even a Window's phone can benefit from it.

You can set up your own backup schedule that will suit your needs. iDrive offers a continuous data protection plan for an immediate security protection for your files. Their backup method is as easy as signing up. iDrive is also one of the best backup systems in terms of speed. You can back up a 100MB sized file in only just a minute.

You can take advantage of their file syncing and sharing feature if you want to have access on all your devices. You just have to activate it in your computer or mobile phone.

After backing up all your files, it is now time to restore all your data. The best thing with iDrive is that you can easily restore them using your account.

Log into your account using the device from which you will import your files and choose among their restoration options. The easiest method to restore your files is by simply clicking and dropping your files from iDrive to your desktop.

One of iDrive's best features is that it automatically updates your backup files. You can also restore the recently updated backup file only for ten times by just clicking a button. You do not have to worry. iDrive keeps all your deleted files from your account. Deleting your archived files directly is the only way to delete your backup file just in case you want it to be completely gone.

With iDrive, all your files are encrypted in a military grade data security. They have zero knowledge security. It means that they do not save your password on their database, securing your account even more.

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